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Administration and Trustees

We Believe that our staff and volunteers are our most important resources.  It is through their commitment and dedication that Catholic students can deepen the practice of their faith and realize their individual potential.

Catholic Education Centre
799 16th Ave. Hanover, ON N4N 3A1
Chairperson Lori Di Castri
286 Huron Rd, Point Clark
Kincardine, Ontario
N2Z 2X3

(Huron-Kinloss, Brockton Ward 31, Kincardine)
Vice-Chairperson Norman Bethune
158 3rd Street "A" West
Owen Sound, Ontario
N4K 3J7

(Owen Sound, Meaford and The Blue Mountains)
Board Member Beverley Eckensweiler
8 Louis Street
Mildmay, Ontario
N0G 2J0

(South Bruce)
Board Member Robyn Garvey
519 21st Avenue
Hanover, ON
N4N 3H2

(West Grey, Hanover, Grey Highlands and Southgate)
Board Member Mike Lemme
RR#3, 062223 Sideroad 3
Owen Sound, Ontario
N4K 5N5

(Saugeen Shores, Arran-Elderslie, Chatsworth, Georgian Bluffs, Northern Bruce Peninsula, South Bruce Peninsula) 
Board Member Linda Strader
923 Conc. 2 SDR, RR2
Walkerton, Ontario
N0G 2V0

(Brockton, Ward 34 and 36) 
Student Trustee
Mackenzie Morgan
Sacred Heart High School
Student Trustee Quinton Rodgers
St. Mary's High School
Board Meeting Schedule 2021/2022
Monday, August 30
Monday, September 27
Monday, October 25
Monday, November 22
Monday, December 13
Monday, January 24
Monday, February 28
Monday, March 28
Monday, April 25
Monday, May 30
Monday, June 20
Monday, August 29
The trustees recognize delegations who wish to appear at Board or Committee meetings. Please refer to Board Policy 2-5 Delegations and Submissions for more information.
Director of Education  Gary O'Donnell 
Executive Manager of Human Resources Stacy Hogg
Superintendent of Education  Mike Bethune 
Superintendent of Education  Alex Van Wieringen
Superintendent of Education Cathy DeGoey 
Superintendent of Business / Treasurer Alecia Lantz
Supervisor of Health and Safety  Joyce Benninger  
Manager of Financial Services Jaime Plantz
Data Services Project Manager Murray Kuntz
Supervisor of Payroll Services Nancy Fischer
Technology Systems and Security Services Manager David Gard
Manager of Facility Services Al Hastie 
Marketing & Training Support Services Manager Sam Goving
Mental Health Manager David Roy
General Manager of Purchasing and Transportation Consortium  Steve Lustig
Supervisor of Purchasing Brian Hayman
Supervisor of Transportation Dylan Birley
Supervisor of Facility Services Sandy Ortman
Technology Systems & Security Service (TS&SS) Special Projects Lead Josh Bell
Human Resources  Administrative Assistant  Sarah Borth 
TS&SS Field Technician  Ian Campbell
Data Research Lead Andrea Child
Accounting/Assessment Officer  Paula Fahrer
Business Services Executive Assistant Lynn Hahn
TS&SS Field Technician  Richard Hayman
Business & Marketing Support Services Coordinator  Cathy Kelly 
TS&SS Field Technician  Kyle Kowalsky
Data Services Project Manager  Murray Kuntz
Facility Services Coordinator Casey Harris
Financial Analyst Shelley McDiarmid
Financial Analyst Saskia Lennox
Human Resources Administrator  Katie McFadden 
Head Custodian  Gerry Noonan 
Director's Office Executive Assistant  Doreen Schultz 
Education Services Executive Assistant  Kim Stuempfle 
Technical Systems Lead Dawn Taylor 
Office Administrator Iris Taylor 
Technology Systems Services Administrative Assistant Margaret Ann Vansickle
Facility Services Administrative Assistant Jane Voisin
Payroll Services Officer  Darlene Weber 
Technology (TELC)Consultant Nicole Batte
Literacy Consultant Laura Fritz-Keip
Math Consultant Eric Frampton
Special Education Consultant Theresa Harrietha
Religion and Famly Life Consultant Charlene Hoffman
Literacy Consultant Katie Kueneman
Experiential Learning Consultant Paulette Lippert
Indigenous Consultant Natalka Pucan
Special Education Consultant Alicia Tilker
Pathways & Transitions Consultant TBD
Mental Health
Child & Youth Worker Becky Baker
Social Worker  Andrea Barry
SIP Worker
Jennifer Botelo
SIP Worker
Jessica Dubois
Social Worker
Lisa Henderson
Social Worker
Erin Hopkins
Child & Youth Worker
Tabitha Howe
Pathways Teacher
Corinne Kalistchuk
Mental Health Lead
Jen Kirby
SIP Worker
Kelsy Kranenburg
SIP Worker
Natalie Lebovic
Child & Youth Worker
Jaleh MacEachren
SIP Worker
Elizabeth Marchard
Social Worker
Krista McCorkindale
Rapid Response
Eva Moreau
SIP Worker
Jasmine O'Hara
Mental Health Manager
David Roy
Child & Youth Worker
Jackie Sheilds
Social Worker
Faith Shelley
Child & Youth Worker
Jen Thompson
Social Worker
Melissa VonHatten-Baer
Behaviour & Transitions Facilitation Specialist Denise Ionico
Kim Libbus
Behaviour & Transitions Facilitation Specialist Kim Scott
Psychometrist Katherine Arnold
Speech-Language Pathologist Tracy Slater
General Manager of Purchasing and Transportation Consortium  Steve Lustig 
Supervisor of Purchasing Brian Hayman
Buyer  Linda Mistlebachner 
Buyer  Tammy Squires 
Buyer   Alison MacMillan 
Supervisor of Transportation Dylan Birley
Route Planner  Amanda Meyers
Route Planner  Teresa Herman 
Route Planner Troy Costello