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The Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten at Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board is a faith-based two year program where children learn through play, exploration and inquiry. This program is unique as there are often two educators in the classroom.  There is the classroom teacher and an Early Childhood Educator working collaboratively to offer the most engaging learning experiences and opportunities for your child.

Play-based learning in Ontario is designed to support your child’s natural learning by focusing on four key areas:

Belonging & Contributing
In Kindergarten, students really begin to explore where they fit into the world and their role as community members.

Self-Regulation & Well-Being
Students matter as individuals. Learning in Kindergarten helps them to become more self-aware, and understand their own thinking and feelings.

Literacy & Mathematics Behaviours
Students show literacy with the language, pictures, and materials they use to express themselves. Using numbers and patterns during play strengthens their developing mathematics skills.

Problem Solving & Innovating
Kindergarten students begin to make sense of their world by asking questions, solving problems, and engaging in creative play.

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