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Student Trustees and Senate

What is a Catholic Student Trustee?

  • Student Trustees are senior (Grade 11 and 12) high school students that have been elected by the Student Senate to represent all of the students in a board.
  • Catholic Student Trustees sit at the Board table during regular meetings and voice opinions on behalf of the students in the Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board.
  • Every school board in Ontario has at least one Student Trustee.

Job Description: What do Student Trustees do?

Student Trustees attend all regular board meetings and sit at the Board Table. Although they have a non-binding vote, Student Trustees are allowed to voice their opinions on important issues.

Student Trustees are the essential connection between students and Trustees, Senior Administration, and stakeholders of the Board.

Student Trustees run the Student Senate.

What are the benefits?

  • The Student Trustee is responsible for acting as link between students and the board.
  • Opportunity to attend conferences and events
  • $2500 honourarium
  • Great experience for your resumė

Who can apply to be a Catholic Student Trustee?

To be eligible for the role of student trustee, you must:

  • Be a full-time Roman Catholic student.  Must be enrolled in 3.0 credits per semester;
  • Be in good academic standing and must be at least in the senior division (Grades 11 or 12 by September 1st of the subsequent year;
  • Active Parish membership and regular mass attendance;
  • Maintain regular school attendance;
  • Provide written confirmation of support from a school official (teacher, coach)
  • Provide written confirmation of support from the parish priest;
  • Provide written confirmation of support and acknowledgment of the student trustee’s responsibilities from the parent/guardian for students under the age of 18;
  • Be willing to commit the necessary time to attend meetings and perform the duties and responsibilities of a student trustee;
  • The student may serve a second term if they are elected for the following year.

What is a Student Senate?

Our Catholic Student Senate is an advisory committee designed to establish a student vision for the Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board. The Student Senators, provide a link between the Student Trustees and the remainder of the students in the board. Being active in your school communities and showing Catholic values are necessary. The Senate is composed of three to eight representatives from each secondary school.

Job Description: What do Student Senators do?

The primary role of the Student Senate is to bring a more diverse “Catholic student voice” to the school board.  Senators act as an advisory body to the Student Trustees in order to provide a wider perspective on issues that face students in our Catholic schools.  Student Senators also have the opportunity to “self determine” their roles.  They may choose to develop initiatives that will promote and develop leadership and Catholic values throughout the Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Be a full-time student (3.0 credits per semester) at a secondary school in the Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board 
  • Student Senators should be a positive ambassador and leader. 
  • Student Senators need to be a model and exemplary student that upholds the Catholic Graduate Expectations and is in good standing with their administrative staff.
  • Be an active participant in their community.
  • Attend all Senate meetings.  If one is unable to attend notify the Student Trustee.  Meetings will be held monthly, ideally in between board meeting so there is time for discussion
  • Student Senators should share the information by talking with peers to gather ideas to bring to the meeting
  • Encouraged to add things they would like to address in the agenda
  • The Senate represents the school at joint meetings between the two secondary schools.
  • The Senators have a chance to run for the future Student Trustee positions if criteria is met.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

To apply for a Student Senate position you must:

  • Complete the Student Senate Application 
  • Provide a letter of reference form your parish priest and/ or member of the community
  • Provide a letter of support from a staff official (teacher, coach)

If you are a secondary school student and interested in becoming a member of the Student Senate, please speak with your Principal, Vice-Principal or Chaplaincy Leader.