National Truth and Reconcilation Day - An Apple for Every Child Matters


Hunger was a common theme of their stories. For the survivors of this school, one of the biggest memories was the apple orchard that was on the front yard of the school grounds. The orchard was off limits to students and they were forbidden to eat any of the apples. 


Students risking severe punishment if caught, would sneak into the orchard and “steal” apples to eat. Even in their hunger they would share the apples with other unfortunate students.


For the survivors, the apple has become a symbol of; courage and determination, sharing and love, resiliency and strength.


Each student in Bruce Grey Catholic was given an apple to remind them of the students, survivors, families and communities that suffered from the cruel and misfortunate treatment from the leaders who were supposed to protect them.


Remember that every Indigenous person you meet is either a child, a grandchild or a survivor of Residential schools.