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Thanksgiving Day Message from the Chair


As we enter the second month of our school year it seems fitting that this month’s virtueacceptance wordle

is ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance is welcoming and including everyone as a child of God; each with differing views, talents and beliefs that bring value to our community life. Our scripture message that guides us for the month of October comes from Romans 12:5-6, 

We are one body in Christ joined in each other. So we are to use our different gifts as 
God has given us.

Dear God,

You are truly great, and have created all things out of love and goodness. In this new month of October we ask that you help us to see our unique qualities, characteristics, and gifts. For in Your eyes we are all equal. There are no human superstars in the kingdom of heaven. You have no favourites. We pray that you continue to lead us to be welcoming, accepting people.


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Ontario's municipal elections will be held on Monday, October 27, 2014

Voting for your School Board Trustee is important. Trustees develop and implement recommendations for educational programs, budgets, facilities and property issues, and policies and procedures that govern their Board’s operation.

You are registered to vote for Catholic School Board trustees if your direction of school support status is listed as the English Separate school board. A new tool from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) allows voters to view and update their elector information, including their direction of school support.

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Link to Kindergarten Registration information
link to Kindergarten Registration information