Sacred Heart Mental Health Run

Sacred Heart Mental Health Run
Posted on 05/31/2019

photo from the Sacred Heart Mental Health Run

Walkerton – Sacred Heart Mental Health Run

Project Based Learning and a personal connection led First-year Religion and French Immersion Teacher Brianna Gonzalez to start planning the first ever Sacred Heart High School Mental Health Run. 

The project, which began back in September, culminated in an event that was attended by Sacred Heart students, as well as grade eight students from all of Sacred Heart’s feeder schools.  Gonzalez said the transition between grade eight and grade nine can be especially stressful on students,  and that reducing that stress became one of the key goals of the event.  It also served as an orientation of sorts, since the original orientation was cancelled back in January. 

There were a whole host of activities going on at the Sacred Heart Mental Health Run.  Some of the activities included: sports such as basketball, soccer and dodgeball in the gym, yoga, bubble soccer and a variety of presentations.  Students who attended the event were given the opportunity to fill out a passport for a chance to win a prize.  There was also a barbeque and a raffle table. 

The event lasted from 11:20 a.m. until 9 p.m.  The event began with the Trinity Peer Leadership STIGMA Walk, starting with students and staff gathering at the Sacred Heart cross for a prayer and a message from Brockton Mayor and Former Sacred Heart Teacher Chris Peabody.  The Municipality of Brockton and OPP assisted with the approximately 500 student journey to downtown before they returned to the school to begin their other activities noted Sacred Heart Child and Youth Worker Jackie Shields.

The extent of the work put forth by the students was not lost on their teachers.  “I’m very proud of my students” Gonzalez said “I think this was a lot (of work)”.  This was something that was echoed by Grade 10 Students Andréa Barry and Deldre Schumacher, “We didn’t really know going into it, just how much work it would actually be,” noted Barry “and now we see events don’t just get put together, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work.  It takes a lot to put them on, and for everyone to come together and support something, it’s really good.”  “Yeah, it takes a lot of planning” added Schumacher.

“This event was a culminating event for our Grade 10 students.  Mlle. Gonzalez facilitated the Project Based Learning Project for our students and they did not disappoint.  They demonstrated great leadership and I feel they did a fantastic job highlighting mental health awareness” stated Sacred Heart High School Principal Glenn Miller. 

The May 29 event was executed by Gonzalez’s Grade 10 Religion and French Immersion classes (which consisted of the same students), Trinity Leaders and Mental Health Leaders, as well as staff and community members.