School Advisory Councils...

School Councils advise principals and, where appropriate, school boards on issues affecting the education programs and the operation of individual schools. Their membership reflects both the school and the community, and must include parents and guardians of students, the principal, a teacher, a student representative (secondary school councils), a non-teaching school staff member, as well as members from the community at large. Parents and guardians must make up the majority of council members.

School Councils may advise the principal or the school board on:

  • school year calendars;
  • codes of student behaviour;
  • curriculum priorities;
  • programs and strategies to improve school performance on provincial and school boards tests;
  • safe arrival programs (elementary schools);
  • communications to parents and communications to the community;
  • community use of the school, and community programs and services provided at the school through school-community partnerships;
  • school board policies that will affect the school; and
  • selection of principals.

(from Ministry of Education website)