Parent Communication Guidelines

When a parent has a concern or suggestion, it is expected that the concern/suggestion will first be taken up with the individual with whom the parent has the concern/suggestion - for example, with the staff member involved.

Step One:  Speak to the staff member . . . (issue resolved)
(If the issue is not resolved, proceed to step two)

Step Two:  Speak to the principal. If you have not yet spoken to the staff member involved, the principal will ask you to do so first.

The Role of the Principal:  The principal will involve the staff member in any discussions with the parent(s).  The principal may request, at any step in the process, that concerns be put in writing.  The principal may involve, at any time in the process, others who may be helpful in resolving the concern: supports from the school board, system support staff, senior staff, and community agencies.

The Role of Trustees:  Parents may contact any trustee at any time.  The trustee will direct the parent to follow the process outlined above.

The Role of the School Council:  The School Council is not a forum to discuss parent-teacher-student issues. 

For all other school-related concerns/suggestions that do not involve taking the matter up first with a staff member, the communication should be directed to the school principal.

The effective use of these communication guidelines by all concerned will result in the fair and quick resolution of concerns.