Board Meetings...

Meeting Schedule

The Board of Trustees normally meets on the 4th Monday of each month, September through to June.  A meeting is also scheduled for the end of August.  (Please confirm all meetings)  


The Board welcomes delegations, however; delegations must be placed on the agenda in advance of the meeting.  A delegation is placed on the agenda when it calls the Director of Education and arranges the date and time.  The delegation is required to provide the Director with the nature of the topic as well as a written statement for distribution to Trustees prior to the meeting.
Board minutes and a Board Policy Manual are maintained at each school for examination by Catholic school supporters.

 Meeting dates for 2018/2019:
 August 27, 2018
 September 24, 2018
 October 22, 2018
 November 26, 2018
 December 3, 2018
 January 28, 2019
 February 25, 2019
 March 25, 2019
 April 23, 2019
 May 7, 2019 (In-Camera)
 May 27, 2019
 June 17, 2019
 August 26, 2019