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2020 Return To School Resources

Return To School Quick Links

Pre-Screening Protocol

Staff, students, parents/guardians and essential visitors will be expected to conduct the screening process prior to riding a school bus and/or entry to a school each day.  Staff and students will be expected to stay home if symptoms are identified and the school will be notified through the school’s illness reporting protocol. We ask that you please review the Covid-19 self assessment checklist Self Assessment Checklist  each day before students leave for school or get on the school bus.  This is a very important step in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

What Happens if My Child is Sick at School?

If your child is sick at school you will be called to come and pick up your child right away.  Please be advised, public health has directed both Child Care and Schools to be conservative when identifying ‘symptomatic’ children.  Children with one Covid-19 related  symptom should be  sent home, please see the Self Assessment Checklist.  We ask therefore, that you have a plan in place to pick up your child in the event that they are unwell.


K-3 - wearing a mask is strongly encouraged

Grades 4-12 - wearing of masks is mandatory

We are asking students to bring their own mask to school.  Students will be provided with 2 cloth masks for their use during the school day. If students forget their mask, a disposable mask will be provided.  Masks are used in conjunction with good hand hygiene and other safety protocols that will be reviewed regularly in class.  

School Supplies

Schools are preparing individual student materials packages that contain basic supplies such as pencils, erasers, pens, markers, whiteboard, and scissors so that students will not have to share with others. These materials will be stored in the classroom when not in use. Students are welcome to bring their own supplies but will not be able to share them with their classmates. 

1:1 Equipment Program

Effective September 2020, we are pleased to announce the rollout of our 1:1 equipment program for every student in Grade 4 - Grade 12. Each student in Grade 4 to Grade 12 will receive a Chromebook, Headphones, Charger and Case.  

Our 1:1 equipment program is about learning and not technology!  This program will inspire our students with hands-on learning and can be used to promote creativity in the classroom. This innovative tool has the capability to provide personalised learning and education in a number of different subject areas. The device allows students to gain access to a continually growing bank of educational content.  Please watch for further information and a link to the Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board Assumption of Responsibility for Borrowed Equipment Form. 

Click here to find more information about the 1:1 Chromebook program and to complete the Assumption of Responsibility Form

Families Who Choose Distance Learning

Distance Learning Elementary:

Students whose family has elected to enroll in distance learning will be assigned a teacher in our distance learning school.  Students will receive instruction from the distance learning teacher and will be in a virtual class with other same-grade students across the system. Distance Learning will begin no later than Wednesday, September 16, 2020.    Families who have chosen this model will receive direct communication on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.   

Distance Learning Secondary:

For Secondary students who choose distance learning, they will have been working with school administration to develop a timetable based on available courses through distance learning and elearning. Students will be able to transition back to their school timetable at the end of each quadmester. Distance Learning will begin no later than Monday, September 14, 2020.

Thank you for all that you are doing to ensure that we are safe in Bruce and Grey Counties by maintaining social/physical distancing, wearing a mask and following good hand hygiene routines. We hope that you will enjoy these last few days of summer holidays and we look forward to seeing you in September.