Chair's Inaugural Address

2019 Inaugural Address
Posted on 01/28/2019

Chair’s Inaugural Address ~ January 28, 2019

Good Morning 

I feel both honoured and privileged to be standing before you as the Chair of the Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board.

We are a school board built on our Catholic faith and the gospels of Jesus Christ. We celebrate our faith daily in our prayers, monthly virtues, our Catholic social teachings and our Catholic graduate expectations. We want our students and staff to “Let Their Light Shine” and to make this world a better place to live! 

This year at Bruce-Grey, 2019 is the beginning of a new strategic planning cycle. I am excited to review and update our plan. I am particularly looking forward to hearing from all of you and our community partners on your thoughts. 

We will be looking at a Renewed Accommodation Plan. This will include long range planning for physical capacity and services within our board and schools and will include responsible uses of our resources.

We will continue to focus on student achievement and student wellbeing. Educating not only the mind but the body and most importantly the spirit.

We will continue to address Math, STEM, Innovation and Experiential learning. Our goal is to have our students “Future Ready”!

Technology within the next 12 months will have a focus on improved data management. Collecting good information to provide high quality support for decision making. 

We will continue to have a high level of commitment to creating environments that provide students with access to the tools of the future. Most importantly it’s what we want our students to do with technology ~ creating, exploring, problem solving and learning.

We will continue having mentors for our students and learning from the community.

Our teachers today need to be coaches, facilitators of learning and facilitators of dreaming. Education is changing. Our children are changing. The world is changing. Our goal is to prepare our students for the future.

Ours is a Catholic education built on our faith and our gospel values. Our students will graduate from our schools with not only a diploma but with their Catholic faith, morals and values that are not only taught but lived daily in our schools. As mentioned before, we want our students to “Let Their Light Shine!”

I look forward to 2019!

Thank you and May God Bless You!

Bev Eckensweiler
Chair of the Board
Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board