2018/2019 Budget

2018/2019 Budget Highlights
Posted on 06/19/2018

The Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board approved the proposed budget for the 2018-2019 school year at the June 18 board meeting. 

The theme for our 2018-2019 budget process is people, purpose, passion and process. The details presented in this report is comprised of a collective effort by many stakeholders. A thorough examination was conducted to identify student and staff needs as well as enhancements to programming across our Board.  Not only does this 2018-2019 needs-based budget reflect our mission statement, our vision statement and our multi-year strategic plan (2016-2020), but it captures our commitment to our belief statements and the goals of relevant, inclusive, ethical and impactful learning experiences for every child.

Key Highlights of 2018-2019 Budget:


  • 2,941 Elementary Students (116 ADE or 4.1% increase over 2017-2018 Revised Budget)
  • 1,606 Secondary Students (71 ADE or 4.6% increase over 2017-2018 Revised Budget)
  • Total 4,547 (187 ADE or 4.3% increase in enrolment over 2017-2018 Revised Budget)


  • Total On-the-Ground Capacity (OTG) 4,311
  • Total Enrolment 4,547
  • Net empty spaces – (236)
  • Board Capacity % - 105.47%


  • Total Revenues $75,839,900 (16.5% increase over 2017-2018 Revised Budget)

                o   Operating Revenue: $65,481,710

                o   Capital Revenue $10,358,190


  • Total Expenses $75,839,900 (16.1% increase over 2017-2018 Revised Budget)

              o   Operating Expenditures -  $65,481,710

              o   Capital Expenditures - $10,358,190

              o   Operating Expenditure % in relation to total Operating Expenditures:

                        - Instructional Expenses - 74.3%

                        - Administration Expenses - 4.3%

                        - Transportation Expenses - 7.1%

                        - Pupil Accommodation Expenses - 11.3%

                        - School Generated Fund Expenses – 3.0%

           o   Total Expenditures by Object:

                     -  Salaries and benefits – 75.2%

                    -   Staff development - 0.6%

                    -   Supplies and services - 9.6%

                    -   Interest charges on capital - 0.6%

                    -   Rental expenditures - 0.3%

                   -   Fees and contract services – 8.6%

                   -   Transfer to Other Boards – 0.2%

                   -   Amortization – 4.8%


  • Total Capital Expenditures - $10,358,190

The most significant contributors include:

  • 8-classroom and 4-room childcare addition at St. Anthony’s Catholic School, Kincardine, ON
  • 2-room childcare addition at St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School, Walkerton, ON
  • Board wide information technology initiatives (broadband, unit replacements, staff devices)
  • Installation of 8 new portables (St. Mary’s High School, Owen Sound, ON; Notre Dame Catholic School, Owen Sound; St. Basil’s Catholic School, Owen Sound, ON)
  • Projects aimed at risk management (board wide swipe FOB system; disaster recovery initiatives; continuation of phase 2 of NAV upgrade; implementation of new software; replacement of tech shop equipment)
  • Continuation with our multi-year roofing upgrades at Holy Family Catholic School, Hanover ON; St. Peter St. Pauls’ Catholic School, Durham, ON; St. Mary’s High School, Owen Sound, ON; Notre Dame Catholic School, Owen Sound, ON

Accumulated Surplus

  • Total Accumulated Surplus (including land) - $9,798,323

               o   Available for compliance – Unappropriated - $2,794,941

               o   Available for compliance – Internally Appropriated - $4,643,059

Unavailable for compliance – $2,360,323 (School Generated Funds & Land)


  •  Total Staffing – 546 (increase of 24 FTE or 4.5% over 2017-2018 revised budget)


Ontario has four publicly funded school systems: English Catholic, English Public, French Catholic, and French Public. All boards are funded on a per pupil basis, with other grants added to provide equal educational opportunities for all students (i.e. Special Education, Learning Opportunities, Transportation, etc.)

In addition, boards across the province have maximized efficiencies through shared services. In Bruce-Grey we are able to share transportation and purchasing services with the Bluewater District School Board, resulting in substantial efficiencies for both boards.

The Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board looks forward to continuing its tradition of serving the families of Bruce and Grey counties, offering quality programming in a culture of deep caring that nurtures students in body, mind and spirit. Accountability and strong fiscal management, in accordance with our Catholic School Graduate expectation to be ‘responsible citizens’, supports the future of our schools and those that they serve.

The complete Budget Report is available on our Accountability page.