Chair's Inaugural Address

2018 Inaugural Address
Posted on 01/22/2018

Chair’s Inaugural Address ~ January 22, 2018

Good Morning Trustees, Student Trustees, Director, Senior Administration, Staff, Union Representatives, Media and guests.

As I was pondering on this morning’s short speech, I was trying to think “where do I begin”? So many great things have and will continue to happen in the Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board. Then it came to me, what Pope Francis is asking of our families and our teachers. To guide students to be critical thinkers with a moral compass.

Then I had that “aha moment” --- this is exactly what we are endeavoring to do every day, in every one of our 13 Catholic schools with everyone of our students. This is reflected in our strategic priorities as we build schools of the future that bring witness to the teachings of Christ.

I am looking forward to 2018. To our continued work in our Strategic Plan focusing on the 4 Pillars of Let’s Pray, Let’s Learn, Let’s Inspire and Let’s Shine.

Within these pillars we continue to focus on many areas:

On Student Achievement in support of both the local and the provincial focus on Math, Literacy and Graduation rates.

To continue Innovative Growth for the Future of Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board and our students.

To continue building on our Faith Development of our Catholic community in partnership with our parishes and Diocese.

To continue on our Mental Health and Wellbeing journey for both our staff and students.

To continue new ways of thinking and teaching our students. Working with the Future Design School is both exciting and challenging for our teachers and our students. What is happening is so exciting to see and hear!

These are only a “drop in the bucket” of the “continue to do” list which will grow and change with the needs of our students and staff.

I am very proud to be a trustee and very honoured to be the Chair of the Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board.  We are so blessed to have such dedicated trustees, student trustees, Director, Senior Administration, staff, union representatives and teachers who work so very hard on behalf of Catholic Education!

We are a great team here at Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board!

Keep up the good work!

Thank you and God Bless!

Bev Eckensweiler
Chair of the Board
Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board