A Prayer for Someone Who Has Died

Death is not the extinguishing of the light,
It is turning down the lamp because the dawn has come

(Let us take a moment to place ourselves in the presence of our loving God, who walks with us in times of joy as well as in times of sadness and emptiness)

Loving God, we praise You for being with us at every moment of our lives, from the moment of our conception and birth, through the joys and sorrows, successes and challenges of each and every day, to the moment of our dying. We praise You for the gift of eternal life, and for the assurance that You have given us that we will live forever with You.

Be close to us now, as we come together to grieve the passing of . Thank you for the gift of her life. For she brought life and joy to her family, her friends and to all who knew her.

At this time of great sadness for 's family, we ask You to comfort them with Your words of life and sustain them with Your loving presence. Give us the strength and wisdom to reach out compassionately to one another, and to the students in our school community as we share the sorrow of her death. Teach us to be leaders and shepherds after Your own heart. We make this prayer in the name of Jesus our Lord and friend who walks with us always.

All: Amen.

God, it is not how long we live that counts, but how beautifully we live that matters.

Help us to remember that it is what we give to life more than its duration that adds eternal significance to our existence.

Thank you for the treasured memories that will forever enrich our lives because of whom You have called to live and love with You. We place her now into Your loving hands.

Help us to make our lives more dedicated, more joyful, more giving, so that through a life beautifully lived, we may express our gratitude for the longer years You have given us.

All: Amen.

All: Our Father.....

Leader: Lord, give us a deep, abiding sense of Your peace in the midst of our sadness, for we believe that has gone before us and that we will be reunited with her one day. Until that time, give us strength, hope and joy at knowing that You are with us to strengthen and console us.

All: Help us Lord to remember the lessons of life; to live with joy; to be a source of strength for others; to face our difficulties and challenges with courage and grace.

Leader: Brothers and sisters, may every gesture of affection and peace which we share with each other every moment of every day, be a sign of God's blessing and peace to us. We now ask God to bless us this day, in the name of the Father............ (The sign of the cross)

All: Amen.