Celebrate World Teacher's Day 2011

October 5th is World Teacher's Day
Posted on 10/05/2011


Ask most adults to name the people who have had the greatest impact on their lives and many will say their teachers. Without question, a dedicated and innovative teacher can make a tremendous difference in a child’s education, a child’s life, and ultimately, the future of our society.

 October 5 is World Teachers’ Day - a time for each of us to remember the teachers who made a difference in our lives. The Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board would like to acknowledge and thank all of our teachers for their dedication and professionalism.

The Board also wishes to recognize our support staff who play an essential role in the education of students. These people make a difference through their involvement in before and after school activities, special events, and day-to-day responsibilities that keep schools operational.


“Let Your Light Shine”

 Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board