Accountability ~ BPS Business Documents and Disclosure

We Believe in being accountable to our stakeholders for the resources that we use, the decisions that we make and the outcomes that we achieve.

BPS Business Documents and Disclosure

Financial Statements
To view the Board's Financial Statements select the links below.


2017/2018 Budget Report 
2017/2018 Budget Presentation Video


2016/2017 Financial Statements
7 Month Financial Summary
Budget 2016/2017 Presentation
Budget 2016/2017 Document

Public Sector Salary Disclosure 2016
2016/2017 Trustee Expense Report


2015/2016 Financial Statements
Budget 2015/2016 Presentation
Budget 2015/2016 Document

2015/2016 Grants for Student Needs

A Guide to the Grants for Student Needs

EFIS Report Book
Public Sector Salary Disclosure, 2015

2015/2016 Trustee Expense Report


School Generated Funds Annual Report 2014/2015
Public Sector Salary Disclosure, 2014
2014/15 Financial Statements 
2014/15 Grants for Student Needs
Trustee Expense Report
2014/15 Capital Plan


School Generated Funds Annual Report 2013/2014
Public Sector Salary Disclosure, 2013
2013/14 Financial Statements 
2013/14 Grants for Student Needs
Trustee Expense Report
Green Energy Act: Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting for 2013

Multi-Year Reports

Long Term Accommodation Strategy 2015/16

Multi-Year Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Multi-Year Strategic Plan 2016-2020 - Operational Notes

Director's Annual Report 2015/2016

Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement

Special Education Plan 2016

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan for 2013/2014 to 2017/2018